Fort 54 Paintball
The most exciting thing to do
at lake of the ozarks

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Fort 54 Paintball
The most exciting thing to do
at lake of the ozarks

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Fort 54 Paintball

Welcome to our site

Come out and play!

We are Lake of the Ozarks premier paintball center! Our state of the art paintball course is fun, intense and battle safe. We are open to all age groups, at love to put on events that get the community involved.

You will be sure to make & share new memories with your family and friends. We are always upgrading our facilities, to make our paintball center the best for years to come. We are located in Osage Beach Missouri, Missouri - 1 mile behind Osage Beach,Hy-Vee. (See Map)

Paintball Field Information:

  • Paintball field ages 10 +
  • Kids field ages 6 to 9 (Includes: FT Splat Pump Guns)
  • We also offer Nerf® & Water Guns for the Tots

General Admission:

  • $20 day pass
  • $15 for eqippment rental and air all day

Fort 54 Paintball is perfect for:
Fundraisers, Bachelor Parties, Birthday Parties, Youth Groups, & Corporate Events

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Party pricing is as followed

  • Group Size

    Group 1 | 1 to 10
    Group 2 | 11 to 20
    Military and First Responders

  • Per Group

    Group 1 | $35.00 per person
    Group 2 | $30.00 per person
    Military and First Responders | Receive 10% Off!!!

  • Paintball Per Group

    Group 1 | 130 paintballs per person
    Group 2 | 130 paintballs per person
    Military and First Responders | 130 paintballs per person

All Party Pricing Includes Equipment Rental & Air
Fort 54 Paintball is a field-paint only facility. Outside paint is NOT allowed.

Weekdays & Weekend Reservations Available

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Upcoming events

  • apocalypse
    scenario event

    Sat. Oct. 6th, 2018

    $50 per person

    8:00 AM

    • Shop Opens for Pre-Registration and Registration and Paint Sales
    • Chronos, Compressed Air Station, & CO2 Stations Open
    10:15 AM
    • Chrono station Closes for Safety Orientation and Game Rules
    10:30 AM
    • Safety Orientation and Game Rules Given at the STAGE
    12 PM (NOON)
    • Apocalypse Scenario Begins
    5 PM
    • Apocalypse Scenario Ends for the Day
    6 PM
    • Awards and Prize Giveaways at the Stage

  • fortnight Tuesdays

    Every other Tuesday 6-9 PM All Ages Welcome!

  • open play

    Open play every other Saturday from 10 AM to 3 PM!

  • The haunted holler

    Dates and Details Coming Soon!

  • NFT Day

    Bartenders Ball - Locals only!!!

  • contractors ball

    Dates and Details Coming Soon!

  • zombie shoot

    Dates and Details Coming Soon!

The Battlefield

Of Fort 54 Paintball

The Paintball Course

Our paintball course is made up of 2 acres of prime real estate that consist of a trench system that has been cut out of a hillside. Within this course is a lower bridge section and a beach head. All of which is perfect for close combat and speedball. For the younger kids (9 yrs. & below), we have a, “Kid Zone” that will keep even the youngest of children entertained for hours.

See below for images of the course.

View Battlefiled Images:


All Items for Rent


The paintball Armory will provide you with all the rental equipment you will need for and scenerio.

Rental Equipment:

  • Paintball Guns
  • Dual Pane Paintball Masks
  • Compressed Aair
  • Protective Army Jackets

Additional Paintballs:

  • 100 - Paintballs: $5.00
  • 500 - Paintballs: $20.00
  • 1000 - Paintballs: $35.00
  • 2000 - Paintballs: $60.00


Plenty of fun for the entire family


The Fort 54 Paintball center accommodates all ages. If you would like to bring your younger children out to play, we have a special course set aside just for them. You can be rest assured that they will be in a safe environment, and looked after with our staff members watching over them.

Kids Zone:
The kid zone is for ages 9 and under. It provides the following activates:

  • Nerf® Guns
  • FT Splat Pump Guns
  • Water Guns for the Tots

All players must sign a liability waiver to play!
Players under the age of 18, must have a parent or
guardian sign waiver on their behalf.

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